Disinfection Robot
Protect Human life from bacteria & virus
New Generation of Building Maintenance
New Generation of Building Maintenance

External Wall Cable Disinfection Robot

COVID-19, the disaster that affects around the world, caused many deads. Human beings are still suffering under the threats of COVID-19.

The during canal contacted with exhaust pile will potentially cause the spreading of COVID-19 virus due to backflow of air down to the flats through the patio. The cases of Heng Tai House and Hong Mei House are the examples.

  • Unique Solution
The problem mentioned has no solution to tackle at this moment. Our robot is invented to tackle it.

  • Quick & Easy Installation and Operation
The installation and operation of the robot is easy and time-saving. In other words, we can provide a fast, safe and effective disinfection solution.

  • Qualified Spray
Qualified and proven-effective disinfection spray is used. It is sanitized with against 99.9% bacteria and virus including conoravirus.